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Why It All Started

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The Begining

Why RoundTable Marketing Was Founded.

So WHY did RoundTable Marketing get founded? This normally creates a few smiles with both the founders and team at RoundTable Marketing. This is mainly because WHY is such an important word, it lays out the thoughts and reason for why everything began as it did.

We asked both founders Astri Thomas-Saunders and Ian Herrera about what were the trials that they faced when starting RoundTable Marketing…

They explained that for them the hardest part was RoundTable Marketing’s positioning. You might think that was easy – put simply, we support companies with delivering their marketing with an aim to grow their company across multiple touchpoints. Yes, but what are we? And that’s when we hit our pain point; we are a ‘marketing agency’ but that sometimes comes with a stigma!

Agencies? They cost a lot and the budget lines get crossed. People think that picking up the phone will cost a fortune. They think things like ‘I can’t go to them, they cost too much’, but it felt like we could not call ourselves anything different.

We then started to bring in the word independent, and this started to feel right, an Independent Agency. We are called this because independent agencies are standalone, not part of a chain. However, for us it is so much more, our ethos is to break the mould, working at the side of a business or brand working on everything from creating a complete strategy to a simple digital marketing plan.

Being part of an internal organisation is to be part of a team. And to be part of a team means creating a culture of trust. This builds loyalty and in turn, helps to create a productive and successful working environment. This was at the heart of what both founders wanted: to do something different, creating revenue whilst avoiding being typecast as a generic marketing agency.

Utilising Experience Across Industries and Markets

We have both had amazing careers working in brands and industries from leading global marketing efforts to EMEA and regional territories. We achieve this by rolling out the full marketing mix, targeting audience demographics and a multitude of different industry sectors. It has always been important to Ian and Astri that they were Leaders that acknowledged learning was important in helping to grow their teams and understanding that diversity presented itself in multiple ways.

This was the same ethos that they wanted to work with their clients with RoundTable being founded to truly be a part of your business, be an extension of an organisation’s teams and work with businesses to amplify their company’s positioning, growing awareness and increasing the bottom line through the lens of both critical and creative strategic thinking.

After working for blue chip and Fortune 500 brands, the founders of RoundTable Marketing wanted to create something that was different. An independent Marketing Agency with different approach; one that truly encapsulated their clients, and one that was built on trust.

The support that someone needs in marketing can take on many disguises for RoundTable Marketing it is about you, as an individual as a company as a brand.

Marketing Experience

Everyone Deserves Great Marketing

Best in class marketing should be available for all companies. A client who is just starting out but wants the best-in-class marketing to support their business growth and grow that bottom line should not be limited to having to use a WIX website or Logo identity that is chosen from a zillion clip art, or relying upon an amateur video that can be ready to upload using a 1, 2, 3 app.

There is nothing wrong with programs such as these, but it was important to understand WHY apps like these existed. It came down to some businesses not being able to afford anything else. Programs that excluded human interaction sadly results in not capturing the heart of a business; this is because these programs allow a minimal amount of customisation, so in essence a logo and colour can be changed, or even a typeface.

Although the reason was clear, hiring agencies can cost a fortune and also tend to up the costs as soon as they had their foot in the door. After seven months or so, a bad taste is left in your and team’s mouth. For this reason, RoundTable Marketing wanted to break the barriers down.

Smart Marketing Agency Blog

RoundTable Marketing is an independent marketing agency that does not believe in meeting expectations; we believe in exceeding expectations.  Our aim is simple: focusing on the delivery of results as opposed to making promises.

A small company that has a £3k investment will have a similar risk of investment as an organisation that has an investment of £300,000. Why, though, should that mean that both companies are not able to get or be awarded the same great high functioning marketing?

Their needs might be different, but the output is not. The answer is simple: it shouldn’t. We understand that when a brand invests, they are committing, and an agencies commitment should always raise their bar to fully immerse themselves in your business marketing needs.

With BIG brands comes the ability to afford the best. This is seen in everyday life, even in elite sport. For example, a football team that is so wealthy that the players on their substitution bench are better players than another (still big) club can afford to have play on their team.

The player in effect would play more games whilst playing for the other club playing on the field. Yet the bigger club is able to still get those world-class players sitting on their bench. Why? Because they have the money and name to allow this to happen!

It is the same when working for the big organisations that can afford to pay the big money to make sure they have the best marketing team working for them. This then limits other companies from being able to get competitive help, as the asking price for these services skyrockets based on the highest, richest bidder. We simply do not agree with that concept!

Becoming An Extension Of Your Team

RoundTable Marketing is an extension of YOUR team. It should never be felt that you are only getting what you can afford. Instead, we want you to feel you are getting what you deserve: top-quality support to help you grow and deliver the exceptional marketing that your company deserves, working with a team that understands and are completely immersed and work collaboratively.

For RoundTable Marketing it is about changing this landscape, offering high functioning marketing across the full marketing spectrum to everyone. Services and packages positioned that can help a company grow, understand, and use the elements that the business need, resulting in a team that engages themselves in your business and will deliver.


Using storytelling is an important part of a company’s communication and can create brand loyalty with your target audience. We want the voice of the business to be represented by the people involved in the business itself. This is also the case when communicating to different territories and regions. There are many different levers to pull on marketing, Brand Strategies for one are built on a foundation of research, and driving these insights around the who, what, when and importantly WHY a marketing strategy or campaign is being implemented or targeted in the first place. From this lens, RoundTable Marketing fine-tunes and give focus to your brand needs, whether it is a modernised refreshment of corporate identity or a full marketing campaign.

Another marketing lever might be the landscape of Digital Marketing which can sometimes feel like a world of different platforms, with each process needing to be optimised and targeted. RoundTable Marketing’s expertise is to help your organisation with your digital presence by using state of the art analytical software and making sure that the core delivery is managed through the lens of authenticity.

In essence, we make sure that your digital footprint and voice is communicated in the most meaningful moment.

At the same time, we never forget about impactful creative and visual communication. This is marketing that tells the story without having to make use of words. Identity is at the heart of any business. At RoundTable Marketing we capture your brand essence so that it can be used as a key communication tool, allowing you to express and connect to your audience.

Creativity can be seen as secondary to strategy, but the most successful campaigns is when both critical and creative thinking comes together, Albert Einstein once said ‘Creative is when intelligent people are having fun’ – for RoundTable Marketing it is about having the correct fusion that position a client at the heart of every piece of work making sure that your marketing, brand, and digital strategy is aligned.

We love what we do, and we love how we do it. Nothing we do is done purely for profit; everything is carried out because we love to help companies thrive. When we work with a client, we make sure they feel like they are getting more than the service they paid for. You aren’t just hiring our expertise; you are hiring our passion, our desire, and our love of seeing companies grow, progress, and improve.